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Regtr.com was established in 2019 within the body of roxonet.com, which has been serving corporate companies in the sector since 2006, and has been designed for easy use of services by end users.

As of the end of 2021, all services and users on roxonet.com were transferred to regtr.com, and the service provided in the global market was made available to customers in the country.

Corporate and individual users can easily manage their services on regtr.com. Meeting all the requirements on the end-user side, regtr has made everything from domain name registration to server management, from hosting management to license management ready for the use of its customers through a single panel with its user-friendly structure.

Starting to transfer its 14 years of experience in the Turkish market to the world market in 2019, regtr.com started to serve hundreds of customers in 8 countries at the end of its first year.

In our office and data center headquartered in Turkey / Bursa, we serve thousands of customers with our world-class Tier 2+ data center and more than 10 years of experience. We can group our services under the titles of domain name services, Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Server Rental / Hosting, Security solutions and customer support services.

With the fast support we provide to the problems experienced by the users, we solve the problems within an average of 6 hours.

Our Customer Support Services and, accordingly, the satisfaction of our customers are the issues that we attach most importance to. Our goal is to reach a solution in your first communication, unlike other companies in the world market.

Our customer support specialists, which we have allocated for each customer group, have been selected and trained so that they can produce solutions at your first contact for all your problems.

While we attach importance to the fact that the software we use in our service infrastructure is domestic production, we also develop software within our company.

Except for products within the scope of domain name services, all of our products have an unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee.

You can view our agreements in the section below.