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How do I configure an out of office message?

An out of office message notifies others of the fact that you're not able to respond to your e-mail. An out of office message may look as follows: "I have received your e-mail, but I am on vacation until June 21st. I will respond as soon as I get back”. The 'out of office' messages are used together with the existing e-mail account.

To create an out of office / vacation message, you must first have access to the 'E-mail menu' of the DirectAdmin control panel. Click 'Vacation messages' and then click 'Set new vacation message".

1. Select the e-mail account to which you wish to add the vacation message.
2. Enter the vacation message.
3. Select when you wish to have the vacation message take effect and when you wish to end it.
4. Click "Create".

Changing / Removing Vacation messages

All vacation messages are in a list in the vacation messages menu. Select the vacation message you wish to remove and click 'Delete selected."

A vacation message can be changed by clicking 'Modify' next to the vacation message. “Modify' allows you to change a vacation message, start date and end date.

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