How do I link a domain name to a webhosting or reseller hosting account?

When you link your domain name to your webhosting or reseller hosting account, you can then install a website on the domain name. This linking process can be done in two different ways: You can manually link the domain name or you can use the automatic method in the customer panel.

Automatic (easy) method

Step 1: Login to customer panel and go to the domain name

Login to the customer panel, click 'Your domain names' on your left and then 'Overview'. Subsequently click the magnifying glass next to the domain you wish to link. Then click 'Change Nameservers/DNS'.

Step 2: Choose the webhosting or reseller hosting account

You can then choose whether to link the domain to a webhosting account or to a reseller account. If you link it to a reseller hosting account, you can also choose to link it directly to another user within your reseller hosting account. When you click 'Link' the nameservers will be changed instantly and the domain names will be added to DirectAdmin. It will take up to 24 hours before the domain name refers to the webhosting or reseller hosting account across the entire internet.

Manual method

Step 1: adding domain name in DirectAdmin

Login to DirectAdmin and check whether you are at 'User level' on your right. Add the domain name via 'Domain Setup' or 'Domain Administration'. It would be wise to leave 'Bandwidth' and 'Disk space' at 'Same as main account'.

Step 2: Changing name servers

After this, you must change the nameservers of your domain name. If your domain name is registered with Regtr, please head to your customer panel at https://www.regtr.com/customer, click 'Your domain names' on your left, and subsequently 'Overview'. You will see a list of your domain names. Click the magnifying glass next to the relevant domain name. Then click 'Change Nameservers/DNS'. The nameservers you have to use were sent to you in an e-mail. Did you lose these details? Please see https://www.regtr.com/articles/151-i-have-lost-my-hosting-account-details-directadminftp-what-should-i-do. The link with the name servers will then be complete within 24 hours.

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