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How do I select a different PHP version?

At Regtr we support multiple PHP versions on our web hosting and reseller hosting accounts. You can select a different PHP version on each of your DirectAdmin accounts.

How do I select a different PHP version?

First you need to log in to DirectAdmin. If you are a reseller and want to change the PHP version under your own account, click on 'User level' in the upper right after logging in to DirectAdmin.

If you have added several domain names to your DirectAdmin, you must first click on your domain name in the overview. After this you will be given the option to click on 'Select PHP version' under Advanced Features. If you only have added one domain to your DirectAdmin, you can immediately choose 'Select PHP version'.

In the 'drop down menu' you can choose from different PHP versions. Once you have found the desired version, click on it, and then click on 'Set as current'. You have now set up a new PHP version.

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