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How do I upload my website or other files via FTP?

First download FTP software, please see https://www.regtr.com/articles/148-what-ftp-software-do-you-recommend. Below you'll find information on how to work with FileZilla.

Step 1

Open your FTP software and provide you FTP host, user name and password. You have received this information by e-mail. If you lost them, please see https://www.regtr.com/articles/151-i-have-lost-my-hosting-account-details-directadminftp-what-should-i-do.

Step 2

You are presented with two screens. The left screen is your own computer, the right screen is your webhosting account. Double click "Domains" in the right screen.

Step 3

In the right screen, double click the domain name to which you wish to upload.

Step 4

Double click "public_html".

Step 5

In the left screen, you can navigate to a folder on your own computer. You can update files and folders by dragging them to the right screen.

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