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What are the POP, IMAP and SMTP details of my e-mail account?

If you have already created the e-mail account via DirectAdmin, at 'E-mail accounts' under 'E-mail management' you can read your e-mail via your webmail, but also via your favourite e-mail software. You can use Outlook, Apple Mail, Firebird and many other programs for instance!

Central & SSL secured mailserver (Recommended by RegTr!)

Regtr has established a central and SSL secured mailserver for all webhosting and reseller hosting customers. This mail server is secured with an Extended Validation SSL certificate and is the same for all webhosting and reseller hosting customers, regardless of on which webhosting or reseller hosting server you are hosted. This mail server is entirely white label, meaning that it is perfectly suitable for the customers of resellers!

We recommend using IMAP so that your e-mail will remain on the mail server. This means that you can read, answer and synchronize your e-mail on all your computers, laptops, phones and tablets.

Please note, this does NOT work on VPS and Dedicated servers. Only on Web and Reseller hosting accounts.

Unsecured mailserver

You can also use the mailserver of your own server. This mailserver does not come with an SSL certificate. We strongly recommend using our central and SSL secured mailserver.

POP server (incomming): mail.yourdomain.uk
SMTP server (outgoing): mail.yourdomain.uk

IMAP port: 143
POP port: 110
SMTP port: 587

User name: email@yourdomain.uk
Password: as you specified

SSL: Disabled!
Authentication for SMTP is required!


Please note for MAC/IOS users, there is an option "detect and automatically update account settings" that should be deactivated to work correctly.

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